Design Tables, INTERIEUR Extra, Kortrijk

Design Tables, INTERIEUR Extra

A surprising new initiative of Toerisme Kortrijk brings design to the culinary heart of the city centre during the Biënnale Interior. In 8 different restaurants in town you will discover a subtle touch of creativity or a glimps of design. While taking a coffee, lunch or dinner you will explore the individuality of totally distinct designers at separate locations. 

Social Designer AnnaMariaCornelia perfectly mixed and matched designers and restaurants for this project called “Design Tables”. The goal? Have guests interactively enjoy design. The philosophy? Bring together two stories – the restaurant and the designer – in the contemporary environment we are living in today. 

What to expect? Eat illustrations of Françoise Beck in Viva Sara; download Cas Moor from the hot stuff at Paul’s Boutique or get entertained with multifunctional place-mats at Heeren van Groeninghe. And Etoile Mécanique wants you to find out yourself how to get your drop of oil or pinch of salt at Va et Vient.

Surprises, all served and brought to you by Design Tables. Discover these and 4 more unexpected combinations of designer and restaurant. It will be your absolute amusing escape from your visits to the Biënnale. Design Tables takes place from 17 October to November 9, in Kortrijk only.

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